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Qatar Airways has decided to extend Privilege Club membership status by 12 months, the airline announced in a press release.

Qatar Airways’ loyalty programme, Privilege Club, is going further to honour the loyalty of its members by extending or reinstating their tier status for 12 months, for memberships due to expire before 31 January 2021. Members can retain their current tier benefits such as upgrades, Shop & Pay with Qmiles, extra baggage, lounge access, and more, for 12 months”, the airline announced on its website

Earlier, the airline had announced a tier extension offer of up to six months but in the face of extensive travel bans due to the COVID-19 coronavirus crisis, Qatar Airways has increased the extension by an extra six months to facilitate its elite customers.

Talking to the media, Qatar Airways CCO Simon Talling-Smith said:

“As travel restrictions increase, we want to reassure our Privilege Club members that they will not lose their hard-earned membership status. As such restrictions are outside of our control as an airline, we are honoring the loyalty our members have shown us by offering to extend or reinstate their tier membership and benefits for 12 months.”

Qatar Airways has been lately facing a good deal of criticism for its slow response to customer refunds during the ongoing coronavirus crisis but this announcement will help in repairing the harm done earlier to its brand image.

Sample Blog – I

By the end of the first quarter of 2020, business analysts and experts forecasted losses of billions of dollars to the world economy, with almost every major industry affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. A few industries; however, were more gravely threatened than others. The travel industry was probably the industry that was the most threatened.

With an estimated loss of almost $24 billion through tourism, trips and events cancellation, the travel sector experts are forecasting some tough times through the second and third quarter.

Even when travel recovers, it may never be the same again. Many travel industry experts and economists agree that travel might no longer be the same as before. In this article, we will discuss 3 big changes that we should expect once travel resumes:

More Restrictions and Sanctions Based On Health Status

The first and foremost procedure that every country might follow, as soon as regular operations resume is to implement more restrictions and strict rules and regulations based on the health status of individuals. This means that passengers and travelers can expect more strict checkups and medical tests, and they might also need to provide proper documents regarding their vitals, suspected diseases and so. Travel insurance may also become a necessity, rather than a luxury. People with heart conditions, blood pressure or any other medical problem might also face problems or restrictions while travelling.  

Severe Impact On Local Tourism

While this may depend upon the respective policies and regulations of each country and region, things might not be as smooth for local tourism as they were before the pandemic. With social distancing becoming a norm, this might very well be the case until a vaccine is found and administered to people. Large gatherings in the form of a crowd might now be reduced to a few people at a time. We are already seeing this in supermarkets and grocery stores where a limited number of people are allowed to enter the store. Moreover, the number of tourists allowed in a specific country might also be regulated, resulting in shorter visa validities. 

Impact On International Tourism

Domestic, local and inter-city travel may return to regular operations faster than international travel, which will take a major hit during this pandemic. With the fear of subsequent outbreak, countries may focus on limiting tourism for an extended period of time. Countries like Italy, Spain, Germany and the United States who have been particularly hit hard by the virus may also enact further travel restrictions until a vaccine is created, tested and administered.

The travel industry will emerge as a very different industry post this pandemic, and it is important for both travelers and travel companies to be ready to brace these changes.